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IISFREE (爱瑟菲) 作为世 荣电子在智能照明、智能酒 店客房控制以及智能
家居定 制领域的旗舰品牌,我们的 正好彩票娱乐和服务,已经在 数以千计的大型机
标建筑 项目中得到使用,这充分 证明了我们的实力。

世荣电 子作为一家全面部署第四代智能控制系统的厂家,无疑我们拥有
在这个基础上,整个团 队正在如火如荼地进行基于云服务的第五代智能
控制系统研发,我们相 信这对于整个行业将产生深远的影响。

对这一切,我们都 充满了无限期待,我们将再一次践行 ”创新使人类更自
由“ 的经营理念,让我们 的客户和合作伙伴再次感受到我们整个公司的创

IISFREE of the Seyoung Electronic as the top brands in the field of intelligent
lighting,intelligent hotel rooms control and smart home integration, our products
and services are already used in the thousands of large airport, large Commercial
plaza, high-speed rail station, subway, five-star hotels, high-end office, city
landmarks.,etc, which fully proved our strength.

The Seyoung Electronic as a comprehensive deployment of the fourth
generation of intelligent control system of the factory,no doubt, we have advanced
development of technology, industrial design, mold design, manufacture, marketing
strategy,on this basis, our whole team is picking up the fifth generation of intelligent
control system research and development which based on the cloud services , we
believe that will have far-reaching influence for the whole industry .

We are looking forward to all this, and practice the "innovations free people "as our
management concept, to make our customers and partners feel again our company
strength and passion.

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John Luo 执行总裁 Chairman of the Executive
Management Board, CEO
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